Transformative Retreat
for CEOs and
Emerging Corporate Leaders
Spiritual Resources
for Responsible
Corporate Management
March, 2001
Conducted by
Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre
Your Work
If you are in the business world, you know that time and information count. You are asked every day to balance the demands of supervisors, customers, stockholders, employees, competitors, family—and your own mind—to make sense. If you are not careful, the goal of "success" can overshadow your most authentic values, turning into profound personal loss.

Your Life
Your 24-hour days need not be filled with responsibilities and deadlines, constantly difficult choices and anxiety. Nor should you rely on yourself alone. To share the richness of each moment; to be attentive to the here and now, you have to be available.

Your Self
You can do more than merely cope with such challenges. If you are open to the "teachable moment," the lessons appear. Amidst the stress of rapid-fire decision making, you know what to do. "Spiritual Resources for Responsible Corporate Management" can help.

Meditation and dialogue at Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre begin with fundamental assumptions: each of us has a brain and a heart. Our physical being is guided by psychological and spiritual energy. And if we tap our own inner strengths we can find the presence of mind to flourish. Ironically, such self awareness comes

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Benefits of this Training

The Schedule
(one overnight stay).

The programme will include periods of guided and silent meditation, periods of collective inquiry and dialogue, individual and group exercises, and positive learning activities.

Retreat Goals

from taking "time out" as well as looking within. As you understand your interdependence with others and with nature, you find the freedom to grow. In mindful and creative interactions with a small group at Vishva Niketan, you can master the skills you need and discover resources you never knew you had.

Resource Persons:

Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, founder and President of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka.
Mrs. Charika Marasinghe, lawyer and law school faculty member
Mr. Gunapala Uggalla, meditation leader

Ms. Sadeeva Ariyaratne
Ms. Jayani Samaranayake
Mr. Jagath Gunawardene

To schedule a retreat for your organisation or business, contact:
Vishva Niketan International Peace Centre
72/30 Rawatawatte Road, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
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