Monasteries Of The Galduva Sansthava

The "Shri Kalyani Yogashramaya Santhava" (seat in Galduva), is an independant part of RAMANNA NIKAYA. They are keeping a strict standard of Vinaya (commentarial interpretation) , recognised as the strictest standard of any major organisation in Sri Lanka. They are one of the Forest-sects of the Sri Lankan Sangha. Their monks are easily recognised by the palm-leaf umbrella they are using and by the habit of wearing the Sanghati whenever they walk outside the monastery boundaries. Remarkably for Sri Lanka, all castes are accepted for ordination. Foreign monks, who wish to become resident at one of their monasteries, are usually expected to undergo the so called "Dalhi-Kamma" at Galduva, a short ceremony meant to reconfirm the validity of their original Upasampada according to Galduva standard. After that they are accepted according to their normal seniority .

1. Shri Gunawardhana Yogashramaya,(Sinhala)(English)
Galduva near Kahava, l km north of Hikkaduva,Galle-District.

Ven.Jinavamsa ( Atigaru Pujaniya Kadevedduva Jinavamsabhidhana Savaminvahanse ; now over 90 years old ;known as "Pandita-Thera" ), the founder of the Galduva Sansthava is living there. Ven.Ariyadhamma, his successor and Administrative Registar, has taken over most of the business. He is highly proficient in the PA-AUK system as well as in the Mahasi tradition and he has mastered the traditional scriptures. The place is mainly for training junior monks and teach then the traditional scriptures (Tipitaka, & Commentaries). 3 times daily Buddha-Puja and Vandana. Ven.Ariyadhamma knows and visits all Galduva places regulary and can give advice about their suitability.

2 Shri Nanabhasara Yogashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Ihala Dikshan Para, Galle

3 Tripitaka Dharmayatanaya (Sinhala)(English)
Koggala, Habaraduva,10km south-west Galle

Abbot - Ven.Jinarakkhita - a young Thera who speaks good English and is very helpful and friendly to foreign monks Originally a meditation monastery it is now more study orientated with a number of very young novices The monastery comprises of a number of buildings and kutis sited on a raised elevation of land ( 2-3 acres ?) jutting out into a lagoon and approached by a causeway.

4 Shri Rohana Yogashramaya (Sinhala)(English)
Puhulvella -ask your way though from Matara

Abbot- Ven.Sumangala Thera. This place is well -known and good supported. Kutis in 2 lines up forested hill. (A few milesaway is Batuvita - an older Aranya) Several foreign monks have spent the Vassa here. This monastery is frequently visited by Ven. Sugunasara - a very dynamic and friendly Thera reputed to have been very successful in PA AUK method.

5 Ellakanda Aranya Senasanaya (Sinhala)(English)
Kekandura , 10kms east of Matara

Abbot- Ven.Sudhamma. A very calm cultured Thera with learning and experience in meditation. Not fluent in English but has lived with foreign monks previously at Mitrigala. Ellakanda is one of the Meditation Monasteries associated with Ven.Saddhasila ( A meditation teacher who has a 'following'). It is situated on a headland surrounded by a lagoon. Several foreign monks have stayed here for an extended period.

6 Aharagala Aranya Senasanaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Dellava, Moravaka, approx 30kms north of

Matara [This might be "Opata Aranya". see No. 85?]

7 Nimalava Arnya Senasanaya Kirinda, (Sinhala)(English)
12kms south-east of Tissamaharamaya, Hambantota District.

Abbot - Ven.Dhammadasi (a Mahathera ). A young Thera - Ven.Dhammika is very friendly and has experience of PA AUK Samatha and Vipassana. It is rather hot in the Dry season. It has pleasant sea-views Contact with elephants and other wildlife. Foreign monk would be welcome. Although it has Chanting / Vandana 2 or 3 times a day, foreign monks are probably exempted. Major place - Beautiful cave setting. About the driest climate you can get in Sri Lanka . Long pindapata.

8 Budugallena Aranya Senasanaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Vaguruvela Buttala, Monaragala District.

Abbot - Ven.Gunananda - a very senior monk. Good support. Ven.Badulla Dhammarakkhita - a young Thera, has exellent knowledge of PA AUK Samatha and Vipassana. Probably a very friendly and supportive environment. Major place - Nice caves, big cave for Vandana.

9 Alulena Aranya,(Sinhhala) (English)
Aranya Senasanaya Maligavila, Okkampitiya, near Buttala.

Local people poor. Monastery and facilities probably undeveloped. Remote Facilities only for several monks.

10 Shri Nanarama Vivekashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Kahagolla, Diyatalava, 5kms south-west

of Bandaravela, Badulla District.

Known for its good climate. Abbot. Ven.Sugatanana (a young Mahathera ) is very friendly and helpful, with a little English knowledge. In the past he has been a serious meditator spending many years at Mitirigala. Above 1000m , cool climate. Except abbot, no kutis but rooms in communal building.

11 Bhavana Madhyasthanaya (Sinhala)(English)
Silagama Belihuloya, 12kms north-west of Balangoda, Ratnapura District.

Abbot - Ven.Sumanarangsi a young Thera, very accomodating, with good meditation (previously). Sometimes 'Hermits' from nearby Sri Pada Wilderness visit. Only a handful of monks , quiet , cool climate Ven.Nanaramita a German senior monk, is living there.

12 Viveka Senasenaya , (Sinhala)(English)
Viharagoda, Vatugedara, Ambalangoda.

A small study place?

13 Diviyagala Aranya Senasenaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Kosgoda, 10kms south of Bentota, Galle District

Abbot - Ven.Dhammasila a young Mahathera, long time resident of Mitirigala. Quiet. Nice patch of forest, with small Sangha of about 6 monks. Good kutis. At times hot and humid. Ven. Sanghasubhadra is living there, a friendly English speaking. English educated monk. Excellent for getting Info and advice on Galduva Monasteries. Good library, also English Good food, only evening Vandana

14 Shri Kalyana Dharmashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Utturu Kalutara

15 Bhavana Madhyasthanaya (Sinhala)(English)
Dikhena Polgasovita

Meditation Centre. Facilities for laymen /women. Set in coconut estate near Piliyandala, Kesbeva, south of Colombo. Facilities for about 12 monks. 2 week Meditation courses for laymen /women Excellent meditation hall Fairly quiet. Abbot - Ven. Vinita (Mahathera) teaches MAHASI Method. Ven.Sumanasila (Thera) teaches PA AUK method. He is exceptionally gifted in meditation and is very helpful and friendly. Often Ven.Sanghasubhadra stays there. At times a bit hot and humid.

16 Bhavana Madyasthanaya (Sinhala)(English)
Aturugiriya, ask your way through from Colombo.

Abbot - Ven.Nananda (Mahathera), Formerly a study place. Probably not suitable for meditation.

17 & 18 Shri Kalyana Dharmashramaya (Sinhala)(English)
(Formerly known as 'German Dharmaduta) 417 & 418/2 Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Abbot- Ven.Nanda (Mahathera). Main Galduva place in Colombo. Thus crowded with visiting and sick monks from all over Sri Lanka. Guest monks normally stay in a dormitory. Relaxed atmosphere for visitors.

19 Shanti Yogashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Dakuna Talangama. Outside Colombo at Talangama South.

Abbot- Ven.Dhammasiddhi (Mahathera). Very friendly, supportive. Good connections with Ministry Of Buddhist Sasana! Monastery - small area many buildings. A bit cramped. Not so quiet.

20 Aranya Senasanaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Indolamulla, Dompe, 15kms east of Colombo

Rocks, 20minute climb, view, secluded, good Abbot, 3-4 monks.

21 Shri Kalyana Dharmashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Dompe, 15kms east of Colombo.

The Abbot is a nice scholar monk.

22 Sirimangala Yogashramaya, (Sinhala)(English)
Danalkanda, Velliveriya - On Colombo Mitirigala
Bus route.

Coconut estate. Probably not so suitable for meditation; MAHASI style only one big house.

23 Shailagiri Yogashramaya, Deraniyagala (Sinhala)(English)
- 15kms east of Avissavella Kegalla District.

24 Shailla Pabbata Yogashramaya, Deraniyagala.(Sinhala)(English)

25 Aranya Senasenaya, Indilavatta, Ayagama - 12kms west of Ratnpura.

26 Aranya Senasenaya, Varakapola, called "Navimana Aranya", 1 1/2 miles along Varakapola - Mirigama Rd, on top of mountain.

27 Mellagala Yogashramasya, Divela, Pallegama, near Kegalla, Mellagala.

28 Tummodara Yogashramaya, Udumagama, Hettimula, Kegalla.

29 Randivela Yogashramaya, Karapane-maybe called 'Diviyagala


30 Ananda Bodhi Yogashramaya, Aranayaka -20kms southeast Kegalla.

31 Asokaranya Senasanaya, Alavva Ranavala, on Ranavala - Beligala Rd, 1 mile from Alavva, on Colombo Kurunegala-Rd.

Probably a very small place.

32 Kosvatta Aranya, Nava Colombo Para, Polgahavela on Colombo-Kurunegala Rd.

Probably a very small place.

33 Ruvangirikanda Aranya, Karagahagedara, Narammala, via Kurunegala.

Abbot - Ven.Buddharakkhita/Buddhavamsa ? (Thera). Formerly a major monastery. Forested hill. Foreign monks have visited here. Suitable for meditation. People in the area have lots of Saddha.

34 Nathagane Aranya, Maspota, 10kms out of Kurunegala on Puttalam road, Mahakeliya

Abbot - Ven.Chandavamsa. Major monastery. A number of friendly young Theras stay here . Very nice forest on large hill. Quiet. About 10- 12 kutis. Good place Some isolated caves Ven.Ariyadhamma stayed here as a young monk.

35 Vevgala Aranya, Kurunegala Vevgala.

36 Etugala Aranya, Kurunegala.

37 Nabeta Aranya Malsiripura on Kurunegala - Dambulla Rd.

Nice forest. Small monastery. Near Main Highway but fairly quiet. Facilities for 4-5 monks. Water problem during Dry Season.

38 Devhuva Aranya, Known as "Nagolla Aranya", Nagolla, Bulanaveva, Devahuva, Galevale, 8kms from Matale ? No CTB Buses. Turn off at Mosque and walk along cart road to Aranya.

Abbot - Ven. Nyanakusala. Ancient Cave Monastery - about 6 monks Nice forest ( Na-trees ). Ancient stupa. English speaking monks Friendly. Probably suitable for meditation.

39 Sambodhi Yogashramaya, Karatiyava, north of Maho Kurunegala District.

Good new kutis, good facilities adjacent to large veva (lake ). Possibly good for meditation. Hot, mosquitos but good support. Quiet.

40 Aranya Senasanaya, Maradankadavala, on Anuradhapura Kekirava Rd , south of Anuradhapura.

41 Galpiyuma Aranya Senasanaya, "Galpokuna Aranya", Kahatagolleva, aprox. 30kms east of Vavuniya. On the road between Kebatagolleva and Padaviya, get down at Kahatigalleva.

Abbot - Ven.Sumanatissa (Mahathera), English speaking,is getting old. Ancient Cave Monastery with some good forest. Quite beautiful This monastery is at present very dangerous due to Sinhala /Tamil war, otherwise good place to stay. Good vivcka but can be hot. Elephants visiting. Ruins scattered in forest.

42 Mahasena Aranya Senasanaya, Minneriya, Nagala Kanda, 25krns northwest of Polonnaruva.

Abbot - Ven Silavimala. Good forest on large hill. Site of an ancient monastery. Ancient ruins and statues still standing in forest. Kutis. Facilities for about 6-8 monks Beautiful views from top of hill. However not really known as a meditation monastery. A few young novices.

43 Veharahena Yogashrammaya, Habarana on Anuradhapura - Polonaruva Rd.

Abbot - Ven.Dhamminda Mahathera, friendly. Only several kutis.

45 Ranagiri Aranya, Diddeniya, Melsiripura. Tum off at Melsiripura, close to Na Uyana.

Ancient Cave Monastery. Facilities for about 4 monks. Probably meditative atmosphere.

46 Lunuatuva Aranya, Udutenna, Matale - Godapola Alvatta. About 5-8 kms outside Matale by bus.

Large cave used as Vihara. Facilities only for several monks.

47 Galiha Aranya, Adikarigama, Gonagantenna, Hanguranketa, 30 kms southeast of kandy.

Meant to be a nice Monastery. Facilities for about 5monks. Possibly water problems. Cool climate.

48 Rohatugoda Yogashramaya, Hevaheta -30 kms southeast of Kandy [ Not far from No. 47]

Abbot - Very senior /old. Very cool. Kutis quite good. Several foreign monks have spent Vassa here and many visited.

49 Devagolla Yogashramaya, Uduvela, Mahanuvara, 4 miles along the Kandy-Uduvela Rd.

50 Piyangala Aranya Senasanaya, Rajagalatenna - Near Uhana, 50 kms south Batticaloa, Amparai District.

Large forest area (1 square mile) bordering Wildlife Sanctuary. Caves.At present guarded by Army / Police, because of the war. Unsafe. Otherwise probably worth visiting.

51 Lollehela Aranya Senasenaya, Galgediyava, Galabedda, Monaragala. Outside Monaragala Town.

Ven.Anandasiri was killed here by the J.V.P.

52 Sitakanda Aranya Senasanaya, Monaragala.

53 Valagambalena Aranya Senasanaya, Helatungala, Monaragala Helatuntala Badalkumbura .

54 Sandakebelle Araranya Senasanaya, Kandaudavanguva, Monardgala .

55 Sambodhi Yogashramaya, Kumaradolapara, Monaragala.

56 Sakmangala Aranya Senasenaya, Kumaradolapara, Monaragala.

Most of the monasteries in Monaragala are very small with facilities for only several monks. Located on Monaragala Mountain.

57 Sudarshana Yogashramaya, Bamunakotuva, 5 kms northwest of Maspota, near Variyapola on the Kurunagala - Puttalam Rd.

58 Rambapokuna Aranya Senasanaya, Kandegedera Nikaveratiya on the Kurunegala - Puttalam Rd.

59 Danduvava Aranya Senasanaya, Nikaveratiya on the Kurunegala -Puttalam Rd.

60 Nagamsole Aranya Senasanaya, Ratandala oya, Nikaveratiya - Nagamsole, 3 miles along Nikaveratiya -Hiiogama Rd.

61 Hilogama Aranya Senasanaya, Mahagirilla, along Nikaveratiya -Maho Rd. 2 miles to Mahagirillia then to Hilogama.

62 Na Uyana Aranya Senasanaya, Pansiyagama 60554. Get down at Mel'siripura on the Kurunegala -Dambulla Rd. From there take bus to Pansiyagama.

Senior monk- Ven.Janananda Mahathera ,Teacher- Ven.Ariyananda (about 7 Vassa), Enlish speaking with excellent kmowledge of PA AUK Samatha and Vipassana. Ancient Cave Monastery with beautiful Na tree forest. Cool. Being developed as leading Forest Monastery. At least count ,  60 monks staying here. At present a bit crowded but strong meditative atmosphere. The Meditation Place in the Galduva Sansthava !

63 Yogashramaya, Banakiyanagama, Munamaldeniya, 7 miles along Kuliyapitia -Hettipola Rd, Kurunegala District.

64 Minnettiya Aranya, Maspota, area of Variyapola on Kurunegala -Puttalam Rd.

65 Dolukanda Aranya , Hunuhela, Nikadalupota, near Arankele /Arankale? in Kurunegala District.

Ancient Cave Monastery .

66 Kudumbigala, Mahatapovanaya, Panama north of Yala National Park,

Salaveliya. Ancient Cave Monastery. Spectacular setting, very remote. Previous Major monastery but now almost abandoned. Unsafe due to war. A few Samaneras. Previous teacher Ven.Anandasiri killed by the JVP near Monarigala. Probably unsuitable to stay or visit.

67 Devagiri Aranya, Puvukmal Ellia, Udumalibada.

68 Tarulengala Aranya, Hulannuge, Monaragala.

69 Vedisagiri Aranya, Sangappala, Galgamuva, Between Maho and Anuradhapura.

70 Vivakaramaya, Godakanda, Karapitiya.

71 Bhavana Madhyasthanaya, Polvatta, Minuvangoda, Ekala near Ja Ela between Colombo and Negombo.

In Industrial estate. About 1-2 acres with buildings. Not so suitable.

72 Gilan Avasaya 525/3 Narahenpita, Colombo.

Main Galduva place for sick monks in Colombo.

73 Dumbara Yogashramaya, Digana, Rajavella, ( Near Mahiyangana?).

74 Sinhalena Tapovanaya, Kosmulla, Neluva, Galle District.

Abbot -Ven.Jinavamsa? young Mahathera. Small Aranya. Good forest in area. Close to Sinharaja Forest. Large cave inside monastery boundary .

75 Nagala Aranya, Eppala, Panangala, Galle District, near Sinharaja.

76 Bhavana Madhyasthanaya, Migahatenna, Siyambalope.

77 Vattarama Aranya, Koliyagala, Monaragala.

78 Baduvalakanda Kutiya, Garngodakanda, Ayagama, near Ratnapura.

79 Pujalena Aranya, Kirimetiyavala, Hedigala (near Horana?).

80 Bhavana Madhyasthana, Vattagala, Vilgamuva, Matale Distric near Laggala Hettipola

Abbot -Ven.Sankicca Mahathera.  He speaks good English and will help to introduce foreign monks to the Laggala area. Bhavana Madhyastana  has two permanent kutis at present.

81 Ananda Bodhi Ashramaya, Pityagama, Kirivadunna.

82 Mithirigala (Often written Meetirigala) Nissarana Vanaya Mithirigala 11742,

30 kms east of Colombo. From Colombo take a Kirindivela Bus at Central Bus stand in Pettah, the bus leaves close to the Bodhi tree outside the station. In Kirindivela, ask for a bus to Mithirigala. At Mithirigala ask your way through.

The place used to be the excellent and strict meditation place in the Galduva Sansthava, if not in the whole of  Sri Lanka. The present Abbot Ven.Khemananda, is old and sick. The meditation teacher Ven.Dhammajiva (approx.10 vassa), is very dynamic and ambitious, has excellent English and is a very successful meditator under U Pandita. Both are convinced MAHASI / U  PANDITA disciples. It has a very good English section in the library.

83 Dharmayatana Mithirigala, on the next hill to No.82.

Used to be a Study / Vinaya training place but then went through a bloom as a major PA AUK Meditation Centre in the late 90's Present situation somewhat unclear. Ven.Nanadassana approx. 15 vassa) Greek origin, is living here as an ultra-strict Vinaya Expert (100 % Commentarial interpretation)

84 Varana Aranya - in the Mitirigala area. Try asking from Yakkala on the Colombo - Kandy Rd.

85 Opata Aranya (possibly identical with No.6 ), Rajavangalla Aranya,

Opata. Akuressa -From Galle get an Akuressa bus. There get an Udugama or Tauvalama bus. Get down at Opata. Senanayaka Rd, 3 1/2 kms from Opata. Major place, Ven.Sugunasara - Meditation teacher, excellent PA AUK, Samatha and Vipassana, Helpful and friendly. Cool climate, wet leeches.

86 Shri Sumana Yogashramaya,  Dompe

Abbot Ven Nyanaratana

87 Talgedikanda Aranya Senasana  Trincomale Road, Galvanguwa 118, Habarana.

Ancient forrest Monastery. Much wild life.