Paticca 1

(by Max)
The concept of pa.ticca is important for many reasons, most
notably, of course, for the 'causal chain/dependent arising',
the pa.ticca-samuppaada.
The PTS dict says:
"pa.ticca - [ger. of pacceti, pa.ti+i; cp Sanskrit pratiitya]
grounded on, on account of, concerning, because (with acc.)..."
Let us look at pa.ti: "(PTS: [...] directional _prefix_ in well-
defined meaning of back (to), against, towards, ..."
pa.ticca literally means 'having gone back' and applies to the
contemplation of the sequence of the appearance of phenomena.
It is a gerund (pubbakiriyaa). AK Warder explains in his
'Introduction to Pali', page 48:
The gerund (pubbakiriyaa), an indeclinable participle, is
used to express an action preceding (pubba) the action of the
main verb of a sentence...