1. Ujjaya Sutta.-Records the questions asked by the brahmin Ujjaya regarding sacrifice, and the Buddha's answer. See above Ujjaya 3. A.ii.42.


2. Ujjaya Sutta.-Ujjaya's request to the Buddha (referred to above under Ujjaya 3) for a teaching which would bring him welfare in both worlds and the Buddha's reply thereto, detailing four qualities which would bring prosperity in this world - the accomplishments of exertion (utthánasampádá), and of protection (árakkhasampadá), friendship with the good (kalyánamittatá), and regular living (samajívitá) - and four others for bringing happiness in the next - viz., the four sampadá (accomplishments) of síla (morality), citta (concentration and meditation), cága (generosity), and pańńá (higher wisdom). A.iv.285-9.

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