A Paribbájaka. Once when he was staying near Sávatthi in Malliká's pleasance at the Samayappavádaka hall, the carpenter (thapati), Pańcakanga, on his way to see the Buddha, visited him and had a conversation with him, which conversation Pańcakanga later reported to the Buddha (M.ii.22f). The details are given in the Samana-Mandiká Sutta.

According to Buddhaghosa (MA.ii.710), the Paribbájaka's original name was Sumana, but he was called Uggáhamána because he had the ability to learn a few things (because he was always learning things?).

Chalmers (Further Dialogues ii.12n) suggests that perhaps his mother's name was originally Sumaná and that it was altered to Samaná, just as there is the further tendency to read mundiká for the second part, in order to make her name mean "shaveling recluse" on familiar Páli analogy.

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