1. Udy Sutta.-A conversation between Ananda and Udy in the Ghositrma at Kosamb. Ananda explains how the Buddha has proved that not only the body but even consciousness is without self. S.iv.166f.


2. Udy Sutta.-Udy visits the Buddha at Desaka (?) in the Sumbha country and describes how he had realised Nibbna by developing the bojjhangas. S.v.89f.


3. Udy Sutta.-Ananda reports to the Buddha that Udy preached to a very large following of laymen. The Buddha says that this is not an easy thing to do; he who preaches to a large audience must see, (1) that his talk has a logical reference, (2) that it has reasoning (pariyya), (3) that it is inspired by kindness (day), (4) that it is not for worldly gain, (5) that it causes pain to no one. A.iii.184.


4. Udy Sutta.-The Buddha asks Udy (Lludy according to the Commentary) as to what are the topics of recollection. Three times he asks the question, but Udy sits silent. The Buddha then says he knew Udy was a fool, and puts the question to Ananda, who explains five such topics connected with the jhnas. A.iii.322-5.

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