1. Ucchu-vimána, also called Ucchudáyiká-vimána. A girl, who belonged to a pious family in Rájagaha, used to give to holy men half of anything she received. She was given in marriage to a family of unbelievers. One day she saw Moggallána going about for alms, and having invited him to her house she gave him a piece of sugar cane which had been set aside for her mother-in-law, whose approval of the gift she hoped to win. But when the mother-in-law heard of what had happened in her absence, she flew into a rage and struck the girl with a stool. The girl died immediately and was born in Távatimsa.

Later she visited Moggallána and revealed her identity. Her palace came to be called Ucchudáyiká-vimána. Vv.24f; VvA.124ff.


2. Ucchu-vimána.-The story is the same as the above except that the mother in-law struck the girl with a clod of earth. Vv.44f; VvA.203ff.

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