Wife of Vessantara whose first cousin she was, being the daughter of the Madda king. When Vessantara went into exile, she, with her two children, Jáli and Kanhájiná, accompanied him. At Vankagiri she and the children occupied one of the hermitages provided for them by Vissakamma, at Sakka's orders. While she was getting fruit and leaves, Jújaka obtained from Vessantara the two children as slaves. Maddí the previous night had had a dream warning her of this, but Vessantara had consoled her. When she came back from her quest for food later than usual, the gods having contrived to detain her, she found the children missing, and searched for them throughout the night. It was at dawn the next day, on her recovery from a death like swoon, that Vessantara told her of the gift of the children, describing the miracles, which had attended the gift and showing how they presaged that he would reach Enlightenment. Maddí, understanding, rejoiced herself in the gift.

The next day Sakka appeared in the guise of a brahmin and asked Vessantara, to give him Maddí as his slave. Seeing him hesitate, Maddí urged him to let her go, saying that she belonged to him to do as he would with her. The gift was made and accepted by Sakka. He then, however, gave her back, with praises of Vessantara and Maddí. For these details see the Vessantara Játaka; we also Cyp.i.9; Mil.117, 281 f; J.i.77; DhA.i.406.

Maddí is identified with Ráhulamátá.

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