1. Kanha.-A name for Mára (q.v.). E.g., Sn.v.355; M.i.377; D.ii.262; Thag.v.1189.


2. Kanha.-The name of the Bodhisatta; he was born in a brahmin family and later became a sage. He is also called Kanha-tápasa, and is mentioned among those the memory of whose lives caused the Buddha to smile. See Kanha Játaka (2). DhsA.294, 426.


3. Kanha.-Another name of Vásudeva (J.iv.84, 86; vi.421; PvA.94ff ); the scholiast explains that he belonged to the Kanháyanagotta (q.v.).


4. Kanha.-Son of Disá, a slave girl of Okkáka. He was called Kanha because he was black and, like a devil (kanha), spoke as soon as he was born. He was the ancestor of the Kanháyanagotta (D.i.93). Later he went into the Dekkhan and, having learnt mystic verses, became a mighty seer. Coming back to Okkáka, Kanha demanded the hand of the king's daughter Maddarúpí. At first the request was indignantly refused, but when Kanha displayed his supernatural powers he gained the princess. D.i.96f.; DA.i.266.


5. Kanha.-A Pacceka Buddha, mentioned in the Isigili Sutta. M.iii.71.


6. Kanha.-A dog. See Mahá-Kanha.


7. Kanha.-See Kanhadípáyana.

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