MettaNet Foundation
380/9 Sarana Road, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.

Webmail Server
The webmail server is now up and running since Jan 2001. 
We add a Dhammapada Message to the mail instead of advertising products in our mailserver.


Temple details 
Our list on addresses has been obtained from a number of temples of which we would like to thank 
"Gangarama, Galduwa, Waturawila, and Sasana Sevaka Society" 
for their contribution. 
We have prepared a webpage with around 150 Meditation Centers in Sri Lanka, 
and would like to see further development by way of Pictures and further meditation details to be able to make the WebPages of individual Meditation Centers. 


Database in Sinhala over Sri Lankan Temples
Sasana Sevaka Society (Colombo) funded a data entry of about 4.000 addresses of temples in Sri Lanka.  This data entry is fully in Sinhala and will form at least the beginning of a larger database of temples in Sri Lanka. There is much work to be done on this database. We look forward to more help (preferably from monks) in developing this database.

CD distribution (VRI)
We have up to Jan 2002 distributed around 750 CD's of version 3 . They are mostly distributed to monks and temples


CD distribution of 
MettaNet's Website
We have over the past months  distributed our entire website on CDs. This distribution is still going on but at a very slow rate. We normally request a person to come in person and register for his CD. The registered person is asked to call again in about 14 days time to see if his/her CD is ready for collection. Funding required for this project is almost Nil as we from time to time get donations of  blank CDs from various persons who have recived information about this project

English Translations of the Pali Canon We are presently working on the Data entry of an English Public domain Public domain version of the entire Tipitaka to be distributed via the Internet and on CD.
We have completed the following:
Cullavagga - work in progress.
Digha Nikaya Vol 1
Majjhima Nikaya


Vol 1 
Vol 2 
Vol 3
Anguttara Nikaya


Vol 1 
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5

A.P. Zoysa's
Sinhala Edition of the Pali Canon We are progressing well in the data entry of this project and have completed the following:


Parajika Pali 
Paccitiya Pali 
Mahavagga Pali 
Anguttara Nikaya Vol 1 
Vol 2 
Vol 3 
Vol 4 
Vol 5
Digha Nikaya
Vol 1 
Vol 2 
Vol 3
Kuddhaka Nikaya
Majjhima Nikaya
Vol 1 
Vol 2 
Vol 3
Samyutta Nikaya Vol 1
Vol 2

Critical edition:Based on the Sri Lankan version of the Pali Canon provided as a Public Domain by the Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project  MettaNet will attempt to come out with a new critical version with Burmese, Kampuchean, Roman-PTS, and Thai variant readings.

Pop Mail Server We provide free pop mail facilities to temples and other members of our society.

Computers for Pirivanas
We have come to know that Computers will be distributed to Pirivenas by the Ministry of Education.
We offer to give all temples a free email account from our Colombo Server.

Dhamma Web browsing & Free Email from the Narada Bookshop
We have set up a new server at the Narada Center for:
1. Web browsing of our Dhamma Web Site
2. Sending of free email

Recording of Dhamma Sermons on CD's
We are planning to have a small recording studio in the Narada Center. We would invite erudite monks for each to deliver around 20 sermons on varied topics  These would be recorded on a separate CD for each monk. The sermons would be available both on the Internet and on CDs for sale.

Assistance required.
We have some shortage in helping hands to make WebPages, and would like to have help in the making of the WebPages and data entry of the Sinhala and English translations.
If you have some good pictures from meditaion places, then that would be very useful for the Temples Details
We also look forward to more help from monks in developing  our Sinhala Temple Database.

Credits There are many persons that deserve credit and on who's work this project is built.
Please have a look at history of this project.
Mettanet Foundations was started with the aim of providing Dhamma available free to the public using the Electronic media. The project is depending on Voluntary contributions and some of the main contributors of this society has to be mentioned at this point.
Mr. Quintus Suriyarachchi provided us one of the first major contributions to our Foundation.
Dhammapada subscribers has over the past contributed part of the cost of running this server. Subscription for a Dhammapada Verse is Rs 1,000.- Aprox US $ 15.- This subscription is to add a Dhammapada message as a footer on all outgoing mail messages.
If you like to contribute to a Dhammapada Message please contact our President Mr. Olcott Gunasekera