Sinhala and Roman
If you use a PC then you should download the files:
Sinhala and Roman fonts
This archive contails several True type fonts in Sinhala and Roman
If you use a MAC then send us an email and we shall help you soon.

Download font from This Server as .zip

Installing your new fonts The font that you have down loaded should be installed in Windows. Double click on the font to extract the self extracting archive For Win 3.1 use Settings Control Panel Fonts Install New fonts select the directory that contain the uncompressed (Extracted) true type font file. Select Tipitaka_Sinhala1.ttf . and it will be installed to your system. If you want to un-install them use the similar operation. For Win 95 +, just drag the font to the Font folder and restart Windows

If you see Your Sinhala script below then your fonts have been installed correctly.

Y1s ,xld

is a public domain font made by DMS, Sri Lanka.
for the Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project.
Se the enclosed key-board layout,
Enjoy some Sinhala letters to your friends!

The Sinhalese Alphabet

w wd we wE b B W W# t ta T Tz
T# iD iDD
a     i u e -   o -   au iru ir
l L . X ZZ Z.
ka kha ga gha nga

p P c CO [ Zc {
ca cha ja jha ja gna
g G v V K ZV
a ha a ha nha

; : o O k ZO Zo
ta tha da dha na ddha nda
m M n N u U
pa pha ba bha ma mba
h r , j i I Y y < x %
ya ra la va sa a a ha a
la l ld le lE ls lS l2 l@

k ka k k? k? ki k k ku
fl fla fld flda ffl fl#
ke k? ko k? kai kau
l1 ;! rA re rE / ? | \
kra rta r ??ru ???r ???rŠ ???r? ??fa ??fa
kq kQ ZM f#
nu ?n u gau
du d dra nda ndu nd k t n ya
I do not know the Roman representation of all of them 

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