Buddha on his final journey to Kusinara

Taught people of nadika the "Mirror of Dhamma"

To judge themselves their state of kamma.


Those with confidence in Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha

Have established them self in Ariyan Sila

They are called Sotapanna.

They have escaped sub-human realms of Samsara

and are bound to attain the bliss of Nibbana.


Then the Blessed One went to the town of vesali

and instructed the monks to live mindfully.


Blessed One fell sick during the rains in Beluva

Having recovered advised Ananda

" Take refuge in own self, in island of Dhamma".

The Kammatana he recommended was Satipattana.


The Blessed One went to the shrine capala

were he saw in waiting the evil Mara,

Who requested Buddha to attain Parinibbana;

Having consented the lord gave peace to the restless Mara.


Then passing through Vesali, Hattigama, Ambagama,

Jambugama, Bhoganagara he reached Pava.

Here having taken meal from the Cunda

He fell seriously ill with diarrhea.


Having purged the Blessed finally reached Kusinara,

and laying in Lion pose under the twin trees of sala.

He enlightened the wanderer named Subhaddha

Categorically stating that Eight-fold path is Dhamma,

Explained in terms of Sila, Samadhi and Panya.


Having called Ananda Thus said the Buddha

"After my passing the teacher will be Dhamma-Vinaya".

Finally addressing the Bhikkhu Sangha The Blessed uttered

"All conditioned things are of nature of decay. Strive on untiringly".


Then On full moon night passing through the jahana's

The Blessed One in Kusinara attained Mahaparinibbana.


Ven. Bhikkhu Vinayarakkhita

Dharmayatanaya, Maharagama.