Blow, O Gentle Breeze, Blow !

Bhikkhu Dhammavihari

This is my honest and sincere prayer for the successful continuance of PAVANA. My grateful thanks to the Editor for his kind request to me to send in a contribution. A reliably solid bridge between a creed and its adherents is always a must. This, I gather, is the role that PAVANA has undertaken to play. The followers of a faith have necessarily to know their alignment to their religion. It is more so today because of the fast-changing frontiers in our society, in our culture and in our learning. This is why in many areas of belief and acceptance, more and more people are willing undertake a revisionist approach, at least in the peripheral, if not in the basics of their religious thinking.

Between the inner core of a religion and its message delivered to a people, there has to be an unassailable unity and harmony. In the process of communicating the message, there must not be seen any disparity, great or small, in the teachings and their practice. In all such circumstances, religions are bound to lose their credibility in the eyes of their believers.

We hail PAVANA in its resurrection, to redeem a vast segment of humanity, through the message of their religion and its honest practice. Goodness of man has to be restored from within the human, while he is still an earth-bound creature with clearer visibility. May we all endeavour first to establish a kingdom of man on earth and guarantee its harmony and peacefulness here and now. God will never give his blessings to divide and destroy man for the establishment of a kingdom above.

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