Buddha the Guide to Humanity,

Showed Noble Eight-fold path to suffering humanity.

He said not to be obsessed with materiality,

and to give up the life of sensuality.

He recommended the path of spirituality,

This path He said is non other than

The path of wisdom, concentration & morality.



His teachings are not confined to just Indian nation

Nor is He just the light of Asians,

He is the full moon light of United nations & World nations.


He is human's ultimate creation

Born of ones own effort and contemplation.


His teachings do welcome for examination

And not to be followed just out of devotion,

But to be accepted after self-observation.


He instructed to observe with equanimity all sensations

And to come out of all the futile temptations.


His teachings are based on wisdom, morals & concentration

Which are applicable not only for Buddhist nations

But are of Universal application.


He is the giver of path of sublime promotions

And reliever from painful demotions


Hence let us all practice His teachings without hesitation

Walking on the path of Noble truth realization

And making nibbana as our final destination.


                                                             Ven.Bhikkhu Vinayarakkhita

                                                              Dharmayatanaya, Maharagama