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Texts Edited & Translated by ânandajoti Bhikkhu

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Table of Contents


  Dhammacakkappavattanasuttaü (from Vinaya Mahàvagga) - The First Discourse of the Buddha

  Girimànandasuttaü (Aïg. 10. 60) - The Discourse Concerning Girimànanda

  Karaõãyamettasuttaü (Khp 9) - How Friendliness Meditation Should be Done (An Analysis)

  Khuddakapàñha (Khuddakanikàya 1) - The Text of the Short Readings

  MahàRàhulovàdasuttaü (Majjh. 62) - The Long Discourse Giving Advice to Ràhula

  Màluïkyaputtasuttaü (Saü 35. 95) - The Discourse Concerning Màluïkyaputta

  Pàràyanavaggo (Suttanipàta Chapter 5) - The Way to the Beyond

  Saccavibhaïgasuttaü (Majjh. 141) - The Analysis of the Truths


Other documents prepared in the same way:


 Safeguard Recitals

 Påjà & Pirit




In preparing this series every care has been taken to make the words of the Buddha accessible to the reader. To facilitate that the text has been printed along with a line by line translation of the discourses and other material, and clarity and consistency have been given a high priority.

For those who know only key-words, it will be easy to see what translation has been adopted in the English to render any given Pàëi word. This should be a great deal of help in familiarizing the student with key technical terms in the original, which often have a range of meanings which even the best rendering in English is unable to capture.

For those who understand something about the grammer, or who are beginning a study of the language, these texts will provide something of a reader in the language, and one moreover that contains many of the most important teachings.

Also for those who are fully acquainted with the language, it is to be hoped that they will here find accurate and reliable translations, fully based on the tradition, against which they will be able to compare their own understanding and interpretation.

Some of the documents have appended to them a set of notes, in which extracts from other discourses, and from the relevant commentaries have been translated to help clear up any difficulties. These notes, where they occur, also contain discussions of some of the terms that occur in the texts, as well as other matters of a more technical nature.

The Pàëi of the texts as printed here normally represents a transliteration of the text as it appears in the relavant Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series, though some of the texts have been established by the present writer through a comparison of the main four printed editions (Sinhalese, Thai, Burmese & European). The commentarial material has been translated from the Simon Hewavitarane Aññhakathà Series.

The present collection has been made available in November 2001.

ânandajoti Bhikkhu