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(translated by E. B. Cowell)



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Preface to the electronic edition


Please note that this work is still in preperation: up and till now it has not been possible to type in the notes that appeared in the original edition of the translation. I hope also to be able to prepare the Sanskrit text for electronic publication in the near future. Please check this page again in the Summer of 2002.

The system of transliteration of Eastern scripts that was used in the Sacred Books of the East was later felt to have a number of disadvantages to it, and went out of fashion after the series was completed. Therefore in preparing this book for electronic publication I have taken the opportunity to update the presentation in this regard to a standard which is most commonly in use, and is in agreement with the other texts used on this Website. Below is a correspondence table showing the system that was used in the original publication and the system that has been adopted here:


a = a

ƒ = à

i = i

Œ = ã

u = u

– =å

ri = çi

= çã

li = ëi

= ëã

e = e

ai = ai

o = o

au = au

k = k

kh = kh

g = g

gh = gh


(mk = ïk)

(mg = ïg)

k = c

kh = ch

g = j

gh = jh

¤ = ¤

(mk = ¤c)

(mg = ¤j)

t = ñ

th = ñh

d = ó

dh = óh

n = õ

(mt = õñ)

(md = õó)

t = t

th = th

d = d

dh = dh

n = n

(mt = nt)

(md = nd)

p = p

ph = ph

b = b

bh = bh

m = m

(mp = np)

(mb = nb)

y = y

r = r

l = l

v = v




s = ÷

sh = ù

s = s

h = h

m = ü

h = þ



ânandajoti Bhikkhu
Feb 2002